Friday, 9 December 2011

Activity 12 : Choose the correct answer

                                 ( canteen       field )

                                             ( toilet       staffroom )

                                    ( computer room       library )

                       ( school       classroom )

               ( pond      office )

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lesson 12 : My School

Places in the school










Let us read








Song 11 : The House Song

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lesson 11 : Beautiful Colours

Let us sing

Colours Everywhere

Colours, colours everywhere
red and yellow
blue and green

Colours, colours everywhere
purple, orange
black and white

Beautiful colours everywhere
Pretty colours here and there.

( To the tune of " Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" )

Listen and read

Once, there was a fat fish.
The fat fish was orange.
The fat fish saw a funny frog.
The frog was green.

The fish saw a furry fruit.
The fruit was red.
The fish saw a fair fairy
The fairy was blue.                


The fish saw a fancy flower.
The flower was purple.
" What a colourful world !"                                
said the fish.                                         

Lesson 10 : Shapes Around Us

Let us read

                                      Is this a circle ?
                             Yes, it is.
                             It is a circle.

                                                  Is this a rectangle ?
                                     Yes, it is.
                                     It is a rectangle.

                                        Is this a circle ?
                              No, it is not.
                              It is a square.

                                         Is this a circle ?
                               No, it is not.
                               It is a triangle.

Let us say

  1. hat                                             4. bat                
  2. hop                                            5. big
  3. hen                                            6. bun

Lesson 9 : My House

Let us read

              This is a kitchen.
           My mother cooks here.

               This is a bathroom.
            I bathe here.

                  This is a dining room.
              I eat here.

                     This is a living room.
                I watch television here.

                         This is a bedroom.
                   I sleep here.

Lesson 8: My Family

Let us read
I Love My Family
            I have a father, a mother, a  brother.
We live together.

         We love one another.

               We care for each other.

Let us read

                         This is my father.
                         He has a red truck.
                         He brings a backpack everyday.

                               This is my mother.
                               She has eight chicks.
                               The chick likes to pecks her leg.

                                 This is my brother.
                                 He has a toy truck.
                                 He keeps his truck on a rack.

                                This is my sister.
                                She has a pet duck.
                                The duck lays an egg.

Lesson 7: My clothes

Boy's wear
       cap                     shirt                shorts             socks             

Girl's wear

     hat                   blouse               skirt                      shoes  

Let us read

                           This is a  shirt.
                           It is green.
                           It is a green shirt.

                           This is a skirt.
                           It is red.
                           It is a red skirt.

                          These are socks.
                          They are white.
                          They are white socks.

                          These are shoes.
                          They are blue.
                          They are blue shoes.